About us

Biner is a consultancy that specialises in Change Management and Enterprise Architecture. Our consultants are highly competent and have the ability to “think outside the box” to help meet the client’s needs and expectations. We are independent consultants that can guide a client without being connected to a particular supplier. We always work with the clients best interests and focus on optimal results.

The company was started in 2000 and today has around 25 consultants based in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Our name Biner comes from the word carabiner and symbolises the connection between the business and IT. Biner has an approach of teamwork between business development and developing an effective and efficient IT architecture. At Biner we focus on the whole and lead our clients in the right direction.

Our consultants use a number of well known methods and techniques in their work with Change Management and Enterprise Architecture. We have been working in this branch of the industry for over 10 years, which allows us to draw on a depth of experience within the company. With our experience, our relationships with clients and our passion we have developed our own methodology for how to drive effective change. That experience has enabled us to build our own standards and methods within Enterprise Architecture.