Consultancy services

Biner´s services

There is a need for established and effective techniques to realise the best possible results from change management work. Apart from good leadership you need the competence that can connect the business desires with the possibilities and support of IT. Combining these factors will allow your change management work to be successful.

Biner offers services within both change management and Enterprise Architecture that enable our clients to reach their desired goals. In our work we combine proven methods with real life experience.

Biner´s view on EA

We are convinced that it is necessary to work both with change management and Enterprise Architecture (EA) in order to handle complexity and change whilst linking business and IT.

Our experience and choices of method are built upon best practice and is always based on internationally used methods and work procedures.

One exemple of an EA method which gives you good support in your planning and change management work is the TOGAF ADM method.

Business Analysis

Through independent consultancy, we will help you you drive you change initiatives.

Enterprise Architecture

We help you realize the connection between business and IT in your organization.