MeetUp - Women in IT

Through a storytelling setting, Marie Bredberg will share her personal career journey through the US, India, Libya and ultimately to Sweden while touching upon the below lessons learned along the way.

  • Knowing and following your purpose through your vision and dreams 
  • Growing in your potential through taking risks 
  • Overcoming obstacles and feelings of fear through having a vision for the future 
  • Tackling the fear of negotiation by knowing your worth, and believing in the next generation of women in IT

When: 21st of November 17:30 - 21:00 

Where: Biners office, Lindholmspiren 7A

How: RSVP and more information

Who: Women who works, or are interested in, the IT business.

Marie Bredberg

Marie originates from Florida in the US. She likes challenges and thrives when she is pushed beyond her comfort- and knowledge zone. Whether at work, at home or in person, she is trying to reach new levels. She enjoys spending time with her family and likes to take long runs.