Turn your projects into plain sailing

The capacity to drive effective change management projects is crucial for a company’s ability to develop. It is also essential if a company is to boost its market share, improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability and business benefits across all areas of the organization.

The key to success

A professional project manager can drive change initiatives even in complex organizations – for example, international companies that comprise different businesses, cultures and IT systems. Our consultants are used to dealing with many different components, while always staying focused on the business benefits – this takes knowledge, experience and skill.

Reaching your goals with the right results

A good project leader combines competence, experience and good communication skills to drive technologically advanced projects forward. Our consultants are interested in your goals, and will engage with you, guide you and come up with ideas to help you reach them. By looking at your business as a whole and focusing on the business value, we can help you reach your goals and achieve the best results.

“As a project manager at Biner, you drive IT projects. However, the ability to also drive change is crucial to deliver the business value that the organization has requested as the project’s outcome.”
Louise Fundin, consultant at Biner

Get ready to tackle any challenge

With you all the way to the end

Our consultants help you from start to finish and ensure that your project delivers benefits. We roll up our sleeves and take responsibility for the end result.

Benefits that stay with you

When we complete a project, your business will have better processes, more skills, new ways of conducting meetings and a more efficient way of working.

Do right from the start

Biner can help you identify and prioritize the changes you need nearly on. And we stay focused on your business needs throughout the entire process.

Accept nothing less than success

We are used to driving change and getting results in complex environments – for example, international companies with multiple businesses, different cultures and different technical challenges.

Consultants with all the right qualifications

Our consultants benefit from international experience and we are accredited according to IPMA, PMI and PRINCE2.

Active order support

Purchase your IT system with Biner as an independent product and solutions partner. We drive the purchase process forward and negotiate according to your needs.

Linda Eiterjord

Is it time to take your development projects to the next level?

In control every step of the way

The most important part of a development project is ensuring that change is implemented and delivers business value. Achieving this requires a project manager that can handle the startup phase, prioritize correctly and drive the project forward every step of the way. Biner ensures that your projects lead to increased usability and generate business value based on the needs of your organization.