Securing Progress

With a holistic perspective on people, business, and IT, and a consultant that involves everyone in the development, your digital transformation will not only succeed - it will exceed your expectations.

"The next time we need support, Biner will be the obvious choice to turn to."
Niklas Kleberg, Vattenfall IT

To survive, you have to adapt

The world is constantly changing. And in all businesses, greater demands are being placed on consultants to be more flexible and more skilled. To be able to move seamlessly between the role of product owner, business analyst, agile coach, project manager and enterprise architect, you need to be highly skilled and highly experienced.

By effectively combining theory and practice, our consultants keep up to date with the latest international trends in digitalization and best practices from real life.

Find new ways forward

With the help of business analysis, you can discover your organization’s true potential for development. A consultant can help you to get in touch with new customers, identify new ways to increase efficiency, improve processes or demonstrate new business opportunities.

Business analysis

A clear view of the future

Enterprise architecture not only shows how your organization operates today, but how it should operate in the future. It provides a blueprint and guidance on how processes and systems can support business and increase customer value in the most effective way possible. Enterprise architecture can improve your company's ability to successfully meet new challenges.


Create the right conditions for success

Effective change management is crucial for any company that wants to develop, win market share, improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability. By working in a structured, communicative and results-oriented way, a professional project manager can create the right conditions for success.

Project management

It’s time for your digitalization to gather pace

Our consultants use agile working methods and have lots of experience in linking business needs with the possibilities offered by digital solutions. We can help you successfully digitalize your business with a focus on customer benefits – so you remain on budget and reach results faster.

Through incremental changes to the way your organization works, deliveries will become more frequent and contain more checks. This gives you more control and enables you to focus on the right priorities at the right time. Biner can help your business run more smoothly and more successfully.

Become more agile

Today, more and more businesses and organizations are scaling up their agile working methods to help shorten the time between idea and the finished product or service. Delivery times must be faster if you want to remain relevant in the market. Our experts can support your organization throughout your agile transformation.

Agile methods

Secure your progress

The only way is forward

At Biner, our experts are competent, business-minded and experienced – and don’t settle for anything less than success.

Ready for any challenge

Our consultants work both strategically and operatively; they are used to dealing with complex systems and rapid change.

The target is always in sight

Biner is an independent supplier of products and solutions – our only commitment is to maximizing the benefits to your business and providing you with the best results.

Facing the future in a global world

We understand international trends quickly and the consequences different scenarios can have for a wide range of businesses and industries.

From theory to practice

Through Biner Academy, we ensure a high level of competence in both our consultants and our customers – from theory to implementation.

Benefits that last

When we complete a project, your business will have better processes, increased levels of competence, new structures for meetings and a more efficient way of working.

Biner has provided support for many of Sweden's top companies

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Marie Bredberg
Sales lead

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