Turn your idea into reality

If you have an exciting idea in digital software innovations, contact us and let us help you turn it into a reality!

Our Mission

Biner Startup Partner's mission is to partner with software innovators, through utilizing our capabilities in Business Analysis, Product Ownership and Development techniques.

We provide our unique capabilities as an investment enabling startups to enter the market early with confidence of a valuable product to their customers.

Our Offer

Biner Startup Partner offers support either as a bought service or as an investment.

Within our investment model, in exchange for sweat equity, we offer a long-term partnership including concrete support in the early phases and later in the launch growth phase

Our Partnership

We understand the challenges you will go through as a startup/entrepreneur, within our long-term partnership we will work through these together with you.

We are committed to working with you to build the most valuable/successful product customers will buy and commitment toward helping you build a valuable company.

In return, you get:

•Early Startup / Concept Coaching

•Market and Customer Validation

•Entrepreneurship Coaching​

•Financial Seed Investment Support

•Board Membership, Investor/Finance Consultation

•Product Pivot or Release Support

•A platform for product and company scaling; including live webcasts, marketing on our website and introductions to our network

It is you who comes up with the idea who has the knowledge and understanding of your industry. What we do is we use our strength to identify opportunities to develop innovative and market adapted business models and products.
Lars Lundgren, CEO Biner Consulting

Interested in a partnership? #

You are either a Subject Matter Expert experiencing a problem you need solved, considering an innovation to your current business or in need of pivoting your current product.

Startup Program #

In the early phases, after an initial Startup Evaluation, Biner Startup Partner offers Startups concept coaching, detailed analysis on their idea and an investor presentation. This is the Startup Coaching Phase. After this phase, Startups may present their ideas to the Biner Startup Partner Jury through one or several presentations. Startups will receive feedback and additional coaching on their ideas and concepts from the Jury. If both parties, the Startup and Biner Startup Partners agree on a valuable next step together, the Startup will enter the next phase, Startup Discovery.

The purpose of the Startup Discovery phase is to validate your concept with customers, secure that the identified features meet market requirements; ensuring a faster time to market. During this phase, Startups will receive entrepreneurial coaching (including pitch presentation support), board membership engagement, investment consultation and a platform for scaling; including live webcasts, marketing on our website and introductions to our network. Within our Startup Launch Phase Biner Startup Partner will continue to support Startups as a Board Member, Investment Consultation, Product Pivot or Release Support and Entrepreneurial Coaching.

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