Turn your idea into reality

I have an idea!

At Biner, we are driven by exciting ideas and the development of innovations in digitalisation. By driving concept development to a prototype at an early stage, helping you with investor networks and coaching you in entrepreneurship and securing early financing, we will help you turn your idea into reality - we are with you from setup to launch and scaling!

Biner Startup supported our startup journey in transforming ideas into real solutions!
Ellen Trelles, Total Teacher Group

Active partner from startup to scaleup

We develop startups and entrepreneurs who experience a real problem and who have ideas and the will to solve them. With support from our business developers, advisors, experts and entrepreneurial colleagues, you and your company get the right conditions to grow and become a prosperous company with an enterprising spirit.

With a business focus

We are experts in the interface between business and IT and support you in identifying opportunities for developing innovative, market adapted business models and products. With a business oriented solution focus, we help you with a business plan, prioritization and to maximize the business benefits of your idea.

Realise your idea!

We are looking for driven and committed entrepreneurs who want to realize their idea with the help of digitization, where we can assist with our high competence and experience from our core business - digitization, operations and IT.

You are an expert in your field with an idea and is driven by digital innovations.

SEK 50,000 for your idea!

Many good ideas stop at just ideas!

We want to encourage you to take the first step from idea to reality and therefore give up to SEK 50,000 to the Startup that we see the greatest potential in right now. The money is used to develop your idea into a testable prototype and is given as a seed investment, in the form of consulting services or financial investment.

You apply via the Startup form at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions, you are warmly welcome to contact Marie Bredberg, Investment Manager at Biner Startup Partner, marie.bredberg@biner.se

Apply before December 15!

It is you who comes up with the idea who has the knowledge and understanding of your industry. What we do is we use our strength to identify opportunities to develop innovative and market adapted business models and products.
Lars Lundgren, CEO Biner Consulting

A high quality process

To ensure quality before we scalup and launch, we have developed a process where we in iterations evaluate concepts and the business idea.

Biner Startup High Level Process

What we offer

One way forward

Already at an early stage, we drive concept development to prototype

Key to success

We help you with investor networks and secure early financing


We coach you in entrepreneurship

We do it together

We are with you as an active partner all the way from setup, to launch and scaleup

Act on challenges

Working in a structured, communicative and result oriented way, we create the foundation for success

We lead the way

With support from us and our network, our startups have taken the step from idea to reality, from startups to established companies

In our team we have experienced startup business analysts, CEO's and investment managers.

Lars Lundgren CEO, Marie Bredberg Investment Manager and Henrik Attefors CEO

Some of our startup business analysts - Ulf Lindgren, Karin Moberg and Fredrik Jalve.

I have an idea!