Equip yourself with knowledge

You can equip yourself, your team or specialists within your organization to meet future challenges. By training yourself and your colleagues in the interface between business and IT, you will be prepared to meet all changes on a strategic level and to respond proactively.

We offer separate courses, e-learning and blended learning as well as company training and coaching programs tailored to suit the needs of your business. All Biner course leaders have practical experience in dealing with complex development projects in some of Sweden’s leading companies and will take you quickly from theory to practice. Everything we teach you can be put directly into practice in your business.

"I have attended similar courses in the past, but this was on a completely different level. It was very professional, interesting and educational."
Magnus Ahlberg, participant in the Business Analysis in Practice course

Learning in the classroom

If you want to quickly convert theory into practice and start enjoying the benefits our training can bring to your business, then our popular scheduled courses are perfect for you. You can study from a half-day to a full week and in many cases you can gain qualifications in conjunction with your chosen course.


Learning at home

If you find yourself short of time and a long distance from the classroom, then e-learning is the perfect choice for you. You study the course work when and where it suits you – you can even gain qualifications in conjunction with your chosen course.


The best of both worlds

Our blended courses combine e-learning, which focuses on basic theory, and classroom learning, which is more advanced and hands-on. You can study at your own pace, while still enjoying the benefits and stimulation of an instructor-led, classroom environment.


Reaching your goals together

Taking the step from theory to practice is difficult and requires training. We can create tailor-made training programs that suit the needs of your team. This provides a common platform, a consensus regarding ideas and a shared understanding of how these ideas can be applied in your organization.

Business training

Learn from professionals

Our course leaders are carefully selected for their drive, expertise and practical experience within their respective fields. When you enroll in a course at the Biner Academy, you get the opportunity to learn from the industry's leading consultants as they share their real-life experiences. This ensures that all of our courses are engaging and of the highest quality.

Course leaders

Courses with qualifications

As we are accredited by, amongst others, AXELOS and The Open Group, you will receive training that meets the highest standards. This means that you can gain qualifications in conjunction with most of our courses. Our cooperation with recognized international players also provides insights into the latest theories and trends as well as best practices from the industry.


Take yourself and your team forward

Develop together

In addition to our scheduled courses, e-learning and blended learning courses for individuals, we also offer tailor-made courses for large teams.

Passion brings business benefits

Training delivered with commitment, insight and passion is as effective as it is educational and increases understanding of the subject.

Business training on site

You are always welcome to come to us, but usually it is cheaper, more comfortable and more personal if we bring our business training to your place.

Training that’s always at the forefront

Biner is a leader in agile working methods, business analysis, enterprise architecture and project management. Our training is continuously updated.

Putting theory into practice

Our experienced course leaders use practical exercises and case studies, which enable you to put your newly acquired knowledge to use in your workplace more quickly.

Qualifications take your career higher

Our courses fulfill strict requirements that allow you to train and gain qualifications at the same time. We are accredited by AXELOS, IIBA and The Open Group.

Many of Sweden’s leading companies have been trained at Biner

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Henrik Attefors
Founder/CEO Biner Academy

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