Biner Consultants Academy

At Biner, we have developed a concept around team meetings where we develop our knowledge in order to stay ahead and be competetive. We meet several times a year for deep diving, workshops or lectures on various topics. The activities are relevant, interesting and educational for as many of us as possible.

We call it Biner Consultants Academy.

In addition to Biner Consultants Academy, as a consultant at Biner you always have access to our entire course library. There you can further your education at your own pace and take part in the courses that suit you at the moment. When you want to climb further in your career and further your education, we encourage it. When we meet at Biner Consultants Academy, we focus on:

  • Subject-focused workshops
    Interactive deep diving in a special subject that is relevant for us and our customers.
  • Problem solving workshops
    Group discussion and problem solving around a special customer-related problem, or a challenge that one of our consultants experiences. Examples are themes such as "Five assignments in short" where we exchange experiences and get to know our colleagues assignment challenges in short presentations filled with content and interesting take-aways.
  • Consulting skills
    Presentation or workshop with a focus on developing consulting skills. We have had themes such as "Agile financial management & Lean Business Case" and "How do we lead change in an organization?".
  • Breakout sessions
    Focused exercises where we go in depth within a selected topic.