Webinar - Psychological safety and why do we need it?

Get the full potential out of your teams and create a learning organization!

Organizations that increase psychological safety makes employees more engaged in their work and can gain 12% increase in productivity*. One key factor of psychological safety is that people feel comfortable voicing their opinions and do not fear being judged. If you create this sense of psychological safety on your own team starting now, you can expect to see higher levels of engagement, increased motivation to tackle difficult problems, more learning and development opportunities, and better performance.

Gitte Klitgaard and Jesper Gunnarson will in this webinar talk about:

✅ The secret behind high-performance teams
✅ How to get the full potential out of your teams
✅ Increase the quality of your work
✅ How we can help teams to develop a safe environment

About the speakers:
Gitte Klitgaard
Gitte has been an agile coach at leading companies as Spotify, LEGO and IBM for more than a decade. Her next adventure will be as a "Engineering Manager and Coach" at Mentimeter. Her main focus the last years have been to help implementing psychological safety, responsibility and accountability in team work setings.
Gitte also acts as a speaker, mentor, and trainer and have so far keynoted on three continents - often about the things that we forget to talk about.

Fun fact: When Gitte worked at LEGO, people joked that her paycheck might as well be sent to the employee shop. And yes she does have a looooot of LEGO.

Jesper Gunnarson
Jesper is a consultant at Biner, has a solid background in IT and business development and a great interest in modern agile working methods. In recent years, Jesper in his consulting role has, among other things, worked with Volvo Cars to introduce SAFe in one of their organizations. His role today is as a Senior Agile Coach at H&M.

Jesper is also a teacher and coach at Biner and with his pedagogical and engaging way of teaching he always strives to give a both theoretical understanding and practical application of knowledge.