Louise is Biner's most experienced Vasaloppet skier

Vasaloppsstafetten is fast approaching and on February 28th this year, Team Biner is on the starting line. One of the participants is Louise Fundin who has previously done both Öppet Spår, Halvvasan and Tjejvasan.

Louise has worked at Biner since January 2018 and currently has her assignment as project manager at Vattenfall IT.

Louise, what do you think of Biner's participation in Stafettvasan?

It's great that we are participating in a slightly different race and the arrangement with regular technical training in Skidome has been great. It will be really fun to go to Sälen together with colleagues, with a common goal to take us to Mora on skis as fast as possible.

How is the form?

It was clearly better 10 years ago when I did Öppet Spår, but most things are in my head so it will be great!

How have you trained before the race?

The technology sessions we've done in Skidome all autumn have improved me as a skier fantastically! Otherwise I swim regularly which is good for both fitness and strength. I play and cycle a lot with the children as well. I hope that will be enough!

What are your expectations for Stafettvasan?

The Vasaloppet I have previously participated in have been very well arranged and it is unbelievable that all logistics work so well with so many participants. I look forward to the blueberry soup!

Have you made any mistakes in previous races that you will not repeat?

Choosing the right material on the skis is difficult, so I look forward to on my new skis from Madshus! It will be a shorter distance now than I did before, so I will try to push a little harder from the beginning than I did in my other Vasalopp.