Webinar - Succeed in developing the group using the IMGD model

IMGD, or Integrated Model of Group Development, is a model for group development created by Susan Wheelans. It consists of four development phases that a group goes through on its way to becoming an effective team. All four phases are characterized by different behaviors and by different needs in the group.

Both municipalities and companies that want to work more efficiently today use the model. In this webinar, Jesper Gunnarson, Senior Consultant at Biner and Alex Augustsson RTE (Release Train Engineer) at VCC will talk together about how they have succeeded with their Group development using the IMGD model.

With their extensive experience of different groups and teams, Jesper and Alex go through, among other things:

- Difference between group and team

- Facts about teams

- Teamwork, what is it?

- Teamwork and Agile Manifesto

- High performance team and Psychological Safety

- 4 phases of the IMGD model