Enterprise Architecture

What is Enterprise Architecture?

To be able carry out large scale change within an organisation, a detailed and complete understanding of how that company operates is needed. Through understanding the architecture for a department or a business we can illustrate how the organsiation and its goals, processes, information and systems all operate together.

Standards, methodologies and tools

There are a number of standards, methods and tools for EA that we use at Biner. Below are a few examples:


The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a framework that includes a detailed method and  a set of tools for developing a company's Enterprise Architecture. It can be used freely in all organisations to help them document their Enterprise Architecture.


Biner Enterprise Architecture Standard Integration (BEASI) is a software plugin for the cost-efficient modeling tool Sparx Enterprise Architect. Keep reading and discover how BEASI makes your job easier and your projects more profitable.

Evaluating an organsiations structure with Enterprise Architecture

Irrespective of whether you find yourself in a business that is actively describing itself in architectural models or one that has never invested in modellng, the foundation for working with change and  Enterprise Architecture (EA) is that you know where you are now, the AS-IS. Only through knowing the current state can you easily lead a business in the right steps towards its goals.

Biner has 2 steps to evaluate an organisations structure with EA:
Review and mapping of the material that exists within the organisation today. This is done by modelling the business structure and then matching those models against your chosen EA framework.

Analysis of all relevant material to gain an understanding of the difference between your current structure and your desired state structure. The analysis results in a simple road map, with a number of activities that are needed so that your business can be fully described within an architectural manor. 

Change Management with Enterprise Architecture

Through managing change with EA you can plan for the long-term and gain business benefits along the way. The foundation of all EA work is building the description of the company as it stands today (AS-IS) and then creating a number of activities that take the company towards its strategic goal of its' desired future state (TO-BE). The activities are part of a transition plan which is divided into a number of individual deliveries each providing business benefit. Read more about our packaged solutions.

The application of Enterprise Architecture based thinking

To introduce or apply and EA based mindset requires a structured and controlled environment with the correct tools in place to help document and follow up the development and change initiatives. Biner can help you initiate and apply an EA based mindset through setting up working groups, for example a Change Advisory Board (CAB).

We help you create an architectural way of thinking, working with your existing projects, often alongside your process planning team as well as a part of a program or project planning process. An effective EA needs effective methods and a good support system. We can also help you choose and introduce a suitable EA tool for your company's specific documentation and modelling needs.

Education and coaching of Enterprise Architecture

Biner offers both training specifically tailored for your company as well as educational courses and seminars in Enterprise Architecture (EA). We work together with DF Kompetens and Zachman International and have provided Scandinavia's first course for Zachman Certified™ in Enterprise Architecture.

We know that it can be a challenge to apply and implement EA based initiatives and that there are many obstacles in the way before EA is successfully managed. It is often good to raise your questions and concerns with others that have EA experience in order to maintain your momentum and direction in your work.

We are currently coaching architects within the different aspects of EA work. Does your company need support to implement EA based work? We can help you. We can even support you individually, offering mentoring if you have gone through EA education and require support getting EA procedures developed in your business.


Biners' consultants are experts in the most widely used methods and EA frameworks. We can offer unique competences and have certified architects in various techniques, including the Zachman framework and TOGAF.  We actively drive methodology questions around EA.

Our architects

Biners architects have many years of experience working with architecture within both business and IT environments. We combine excellent business understanding with high technical competence to assist our clients in visualising and communicating the connections between their business and IT.