Find new ways forward

Bring about effective and strategic changes in your organization by identifying the challenges and needs – and then coming up with possible solutions that will benefit your business.

Make the right decision with the right information

Business analysis allows the organization's opportunities and problems to be defined so that you can take the right decision and make the correct investments – whether they aim to increase the quality of the business, open up new business areas or streamline operations. A business analyst helps you make the right investment decision to maximise business benefit.

We help you get your priorities right

A business analyst can define strategies and goals, draw up requirement specifications for technology and development projects and ensure quality assurance for business and digital solutions. But to get your priorities right, you need technical expertise, extensive experience of how IT systems can support different businesses and insight into how complex organizations operate.

"For me, Biner is associated with quality. For example, I know that all the consultants must undergo various checks before they are hired. This indicates that only really good consultants work here."
Magnus Ahlberg, consultant at Magzit

Consultants who take responsibility

At Biner, we work passionately and proactively to take your business forward, while always staying focused on your needs and challenges. We do this this by taking part in discussions, coming up with suggestions and getting actively involved at all levels of the organization. Our consultants see the complete picture, work independently and are certified by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and Project Management Institute – Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA).

Experts in business analysis

We always focus on the result

A project is not worth more than the value it generates. Biner's consultants are experienced in working with complex projects and staying focused on the goal and the result.

Support from start to finish

Our consultants support you from start to finish and ensure that the project delivers. We roll up our sleeves and take responsibility for the final result.

Expertise and experience

Using our breadth of knowledge and expertise, we can offer highly skilled and highly experienced consultants. With Biner, you always get precisely the type of help you need.

Consultants with all the right qualifications

Our consultants benefit from international experience and we are accredited by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and Project Management Institute – Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA).

Benefits that stay with you

When we complete a project, your business will have better processes, more skills, new structures for meetings and a more efficient way of working.

Independent expertise

We are independent. Our consultants always provide the solution that delivers the best results for you and your business.

Martin Kvarnered

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