Visualize the way forward

With enterprise architecture, you can describe and visualize an organization with its different systems, processes and information flows. Both from a current perspective and how it should operate in the future.

Visualize your resources

By defining goals, strategies and structures from an overall perspective, you can ensure that every part of the organization is moving in the same direction. At the same time, you are creating a powerful tool that increases your capacity for change.

Let the map show the way

Working with enterprise architecture provides a platform for analyzing processes, information flows, applications and the infrastructure within the organization and between business areas. With enterprise architecture, you can visualize your potential for development, find new business opportunities and improve efficiency. Enterprise architecture shows you where your business could be, and then shows you how to get there.

"During an enterprise architecture pre-study, we used a structured and focused approach to gain understanding and win approval for a comprehensive change initiative the client had been trying to push for years. It was great to help the organization move forward, while at the same time clearly demonstrate the benefits of using enterprise architecture in a structured way."
Daniel Bjarsch, consultant at Biner

Build a model organization

Enterprise architecture that builds success

Our consultants can put enterprise architecture into practice and use it as a tool to create solutions and value for your organization.

Get started with a mentor

For businesses that have already implemented enterprise architecture, we are there to offer expert advice and support as mentors. This means you get the help you need while actually using enterprise architecture as a tool in your business.

Guiding you in the right direction

Biner works with enterprise architecture in a strategic, tactical and operative way. We guide your business in the right direction with the help of process modelling and a comprehensive view of the project – from start to finish.

Methods and tools

We are experts in several industry-leading tools and standards for process modeling and enterprise architecture. These include Sparx Enterprise Architect, ArchiMate® and TOGAF®.

Take control of your repository

Biner helps you with tools that enable you to easily find your way around your repository – so you can re-use any documents, process models and flowcharts you may need.

Biner is leading development

We have developed BEASI - a plug-in for integrating industry standards TOGAF® and ArchiMate® into Sparx Enterprise Architect.

Marie Bredberg
Sales lead

Is your organization in good shape?

We look at the big picture

Our consultants work extensively with enterprise architecture and help you strategically, tactically and operatively at an operations and systems level. We combine technical skills with business acumen and look at your entire organization as a whole. Using proven methods and best practices, and our position as an independent supplier, we can always identify and plan the best solution for your organization.