Scale up your agile transformation

Success depends on your ability to continually change and react instantly to new customer needs. Those who can’t keep up are left behind. Today's market is constantly changing. To be relevant, you need a flexible organization and agile working methods, which will lead to continuous deliveries and produce the right results at the right time.

Converting change into success

Change comes quicker and is becoming more radical across all industries. At the same time, the demand for faster deliveries, decisions and results is growing. This places completely new demands on today’s companies and affects all levels of business. Is your organization ready for change?

Biner supports companies throughout agile transformation and helps them get ready for change. We implement better processes at all levels, increase levels of expertise to meet new challenges and streamline workflows so that your entire organization can work smarter and more smoothly.

Sprint towards quick results

Strict requirements specifications and exhaustive documentation is not going to lead to an increase in successful development projects. We must minimize the time from startup to workable product or service. And this can only be done through agile working methods – with motivated teams, increased flexibility and good communication. When developers are able to work with continuous deliveries, there is an increase in quality, productivity and control.

Lighten the load

Working with agile teams makes it easier to begin on a small-scale, evaluate and then scale up the activities that deliver the desired payoff. With a specialized team, who are capable of meeting challenges and prioritizing their work, you can handle any sudden changes that may occur around you. Your business will also become more competitive as you will have a team of developers in place that are used to dealing with change.

International trendspotting

Major projects and programs conducted according to the waterfall model – which emphasizes that a logical progression of steps should be taken throughout the software development life cycle – will become less common as more companies and organizations start to recognize the benefits of agile working methods. There is also a trend towards less outsourcing as more build their own agile teams that work more closely with the client. This places new demands on the organization, management, employees and resources.

The concept

The agile working method takes a more flexible or iterative approach. The aim is to quickly and correctly meet the customer's needs by working in a more flexible, communicative and incremental way. With quick and continuous deliveries, the developers and the customer always have the opportunity to evaluate, adjust and prioritize, which results in more reassurance and higher quality.

…and the capabilities

An agile organization works in a flexible manner and is always open to change. The company is perceived as flexible, sustainable and always ready to meet new challenges. The agile way of thinking permeates through all aspects of the company – expertise, operations, priorities and processes. There is high rate of change and the company quickly embraces new trends and adapts to meet the demands of the market.

The key to success

Launch your agile journey

With Biner as a consultant, it's easy to begin on a small scale, evaluate and then scale up when your agile team starts delivering the desired results.

Guaranteed success

Our consultants successfully secure the link between people, operations and IT using a wide range of skills and an agile approach.

From theory to practice

Biner is a leading player in agile transformation and trains around 700 people from more than 300 companies per year.

Sprint towards your goal

Biner has supported 1,500 of Sweden's top companies in digitalization and agile transformation.

Flexibility brings success

At every stage of the agile working process, the team and the customer can evaluate, adjust and prioritize, which leads to more reassurance, higher quality and faster customer benefits.

Scale up with our support

The challenge comes when you scale up from one team and start becoming a large agile organization. This is when Biner’s support brings the greatest benefits.

Marie Bredberg
Sales lead

Are you ready to take a more agile approach?