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The market's fastest and most cost-effective course in the popular framework. With certification!

With this course, you don't have to take too many days from your work, your assignment or your daily life. You study the basic theoretical parts (Foundation) on our own in our multimedia e-learning course, with telephone and email support from teachers and experts, and then continue with a three-day classroom course (Certified) with more practical orientation. The course leads to certification at the Foundation and Certified level.

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®) is a framework and method for creating, maintaining and applying Enterprise Architecture (EA). The TOGAF 9 standard is an industry standard that is available free to all organizations wishing to develop and work with EA. It has been built up over a number of years through open participation and collaboration between leading enterprise architects.

Foundation & Certified

The EA TOGAF® standard creates the conditions for business to meet the increased demands for flexibility and efficiency. The TOGAF 9 standard course is divided into two parts; TOGAF® Foundation and TOGAF® Certified. Foundation covers the basics of TOGAF 9 standard. Certified runs deep and more into the details of the framework and method.

The courses are accredited by The Open Group and follow their official requirements. After the course you have the opportunity to get certified.

Kursledare Ingvar Elmér håller kurs i TOGAF

Effective education created by experts

Be trained by experts in the TOGAF® standard - Our teachers are experienced EA consultants working with the TOGAF® standard in complex projects every day. The largest part of the theory part will be completed through our e-learning course, which you can study at your own pace, to maximize the benefit of the teacher-led classroom course in just three days.

Educate and certify you

Biners trainer are accredited by The Open Group. Therefore, we can certify you directly after the course. By the way - certification costs are already included in the price. With custom-built training tents and expert assistance around certification, you get the best prerequisites for success.

What will I learn?

A course in two parts

The TOGAF 9 standard course consists of two parts – one e-learning part with focus on basic theory and one classroom part that delves deeper into the TOGAF® standard and how to apply it in practice. Note - the classroom part will be taught in Swedish.

PART 1: E-learning

The TOGAF® Foundation e-learning course consists of the fundamentals of the principles behind EA and the EA framework according to The Open Group's requirements for certification on the TOGAF 9 standard level 1. The e-learning course is in English and is aimed at Scandinavian as well as international customers. The idea is that anyone, anywhere in the world, can buy an e-learning course and get started straight away.

  • Introduction to the TOGAF standard
  • Architecture from differing demands and viewpoints
  • The building blocks of architecture
  • Steering architecture (EA Governance)
  • Phases of ADM (Architecture Development Method)
  • Results of ADM
  • Guidelines for ADM
  • Enterprise Continuum and tools
  • TOGAF® standard reference models
The following is included in the e-learning course:
  • Free access to the e-course for 6 months
  • The TOGAF® standard version 9.1 specification (pdf)
  • Certification (exam voucher) on Foundation level
  • Support from our skilled teachers within 2 working days
  • One test module with test questions simulating the real certification test
  • Preparation and help around certification
Part 2: Classroom

This part of the course focuses on teaching you to use your knowledge in EA and the TOGAF 9 standard. It is a follow on course in TOGAF® standard according to The Open Group requirements for certification in TOGAF 9 standard Level 2:

  • ADM phases and steps
  • Migration planning and techniques
  • Managing stakeholders and their demands
  • Manage, store and reuse architecture
  • Guidelines for application of ADM
  • Architecture Content Framework
  • Implementation support and techniques
  • TOGAF 9 standard reference models

In order for you to get even more out of the Certified course, we have now developed an extra section. In this section, the participants work together in a group solving a case/scenario. By working practically with the method, participants will get an advanced understanding of how TOGAF® standard works to then be able to confidently apply their knowledge to their own workplace.


After completing the course you will:

  • Have insight into the main principles of EA and TOGAF 9 standard
  • Have an understanding of the terminology and basic concepts within the framework of TOGAF 9 standard
  • Understanding the basic benefits of using TOGAF 9 standard to create an enterprising architecture
  • Have detailed knowledge and understanding of the framework and method TOGAF 9 standard
  • Practically apply TOGAF 9 standard to develop and implement EA in its company
  • Be prepared for The Open Group's TOGAF 9 standard certifications.

Meet the teachers

Daniel Bjarsch

Course leader/Consultant

With his extensive experience he can put things in a broader context and highlight the course content from a more practical point of view. Daniel is also good at keeping focus and a clear structure in his education.


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TOGAF 9 Training Foundation & Certified (blended)
fr. 28 950 SEK ex. VAT

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