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Celebrating Women Leaders in Innovation and Digitalization

Join us for an empowering event showcasing women leaders' achievements and insights at the forefront of innovation and digitalization. "Women Aiming Higher" is more than just an excellent chance to meet other women in leading positions; it celebrates leadership, digital innovation, and the transformative power of connection.

Biner is proud to present "Women Aiming Higher," an event aligned with our updated vision of "Aiming Higher." As a consultancy firm committed to excellence in our assignments, client engagements, and recruitment, we believe in pushing boundaries, personally and professionally. This event embodies our core values and dedication to executing these ideals in everything we do.

This event is a unique opportunity to gain insights from women who have broken barriers and paved the way for future generations in leadership and technology.


  • Women in Leadership: Explore the journeys of women who have risen to the top of their fields, overcoming challenges and setting new benchmarks for excellence.
  • Attracting Diversity in Leadership Roles: Understand the importance of diversity in leadership and how it drives innovation and business success.
  • Technology Trends: Stay ahead of the curve with discussions on the latest technology trends and how they are shaping the future of business.

Featured Speakers:

  • Ana Erixon, Head of Car Service Business, Volvo Cars
  • Maite Eriksson, CEO of Varumärkesombudet and Founder of Intellectual Property Rights Platform
  • Diana Banozic, Vice President of Foundational Products, Volvo Group
  • Garima Singh, Chief Architect at Sandvik Group, ISO standards co-author

Hosted by: Marie Bredberg, Senior Consultant and Client Engagement Lead, Biner Consulting

Each guest speaker will present her work, industry insights, and strategies for driving innovation and business development. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with inspiring leaders and peers committed to aiming higher in their careers and significantly impacting innovation and digitalization.


17:00 - 17:30 Registration and Meet & Greet

17:30 – 18:45 Opening Remarks, Panelist Presentation 

18.45 - 19:10 Break 

19:10 – 19:55 Dialogue and Q&A Session 

19:55 – 20:15 Closing Remarks 

20:15 – 21:00 Networking and Closing Reception

Ana Erixon

Ana Erixon - Head of Car Service Business, Volvo Cars
Ana is a senior leader with extensive experience in project management and leadership roles across multiple industries. She currently leads the Car Service Business at Volvo Cars in Sweden. Her career includes key positions at Hasselblad, ABB, Borealis, and Kimberly-Clark, demonstrating expertise in product development, R&D, and strategic management. Ana's diverse background showcases her strong leadership and innovation skills.

Diana Banozic

Diana Banozic is a distinguished leader in the digital and automotive sectors, currently serving as Vice President of Foundational Products at Volvo Group since September 2022. Recognized as a "Rising Star Digital" by Automotive News Europe in 2021 and as a future female leader in Sweden in 2018, Diana has built an impressive career at Volvo Cars over 17 years, progressing through roles from Information Architect to Vice President of Engineering and Operations Digital. Her expertise spans digital transformation, IT management, and global commercial operations, showcasing a potent blend of technical knowledge and strategic business development.

Garima Singh

Garima is the Chief Architect at Sandvik Group, renowned for her leadership in enterprise architecture and digital transformation. Her work has earned her the title "Nordic Data Management Professional of the Year 2023" and "Visionary of the Year" in Sweden. With a strong background in technology, including pivotal roles at Volvo Cars and as a software engineer at Ericsson and Morgan Stanley, Garimas influence spans digital strategy, data monetization, and innovation in the tech industry.

Maite Eriksson

Maite is an accomplished European Trademark Attorney and the CEO of IPRP & VAMO VARUMÄRKESOMBUDET AB, with over 14 years of expertise in intellectual property law, specializing in trademarks and domain name disputes. Authorized to represent clients before the EUIPO, her mission focuses on providing SMEs with personalized, affordable legal services to protect their brand identity. She's also behind, an innovative platform for trading registered trademarks. Her career includes valuable experiences at RydinCarlsten Advokatbyrå AB, Ericsson, and AWA, contributing to her extensive knowledge in IP strategy, registration, and dispute resolution.

Marie Bredberg

The event will be led by our host Marie, Senior Consultant and Client Engagement Lead at Biner Consulting is an experienced Digital Business Consultant with a passion for innovation. She excels in team leadership, product management, and value-based selling. With a career spanning global roles and impactful projects, including anti-human trafficking initiatives with the United Nations, Marie brings strategic insight and commitment to our event.

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