Benefits with a certification

There is a number of more or less valuable IT certifications on the market. Some give you a platform of basic skills that can be seen as a hygiene factor for working with new ways of working and methods. Some are focused on expert knowledge that can open doors to new assignments. Some are of dubious value where the winner is the certification institute that collects membership fees every year.

Things to keep in mind when considering certifications:

Do you want to take international assignments?

Check if the certification is valid in the markets you want to work in.

Is your goal to learn new skills?

Make sure that the certification not only means that you answer 20 multiple choice questions, but that the course contains new working methods and tools and that it is held by course leaders who do not only theorize but are on assignments daily.

Do you want to be one step ahead?

If you see that your business is moving towards agile, a certification in SAFe can give you a platform to influence and show the way forward.

What is the value of the certification?

International surveys show that established certifications in cloud, architecture, security and agile working methods provide the largest salary increases as well as opportunities for new assignments.

Biner offers certifications within:

SAFe®, agile framework

TOGAF®, framework for enterprise architecture

IIBA®, methods and tools for business analysts

PMI®, methods and tools for business analysts

All our courses are led by consultants with experience from real challenges in real projects. In our course evaluations, we see that this experience is often more valuable than the course content.