Ahead of SAFe Summit 2019

By Jesper Gunnarson

On May 7, our consultant Jesper Gunnarson will travel to The Hague in the Netherlands to participate in the European SAFe Summit for 3 days. As Agile Coach and SAFe consultant, he hopes to gain both knowledge and inspiration these days.

As expected, the schedule is packed every day, but below Jesper lists the parts that he looks forward to the most. Jesper returns afterwards with a report on what actually happened. In addition to reporting interesting lessons and other findings, Jesper will also report in photos and video via Biner's Instagram account during the trip.

Jesper about what he looks forward to most:

May 8th
That day I participate in a full day workshop on DevOps. There were several different interesting workshops this day, but I chose DevOps because I think it is very interesting but also because I think that "after Agile follows DevOps". So by becoming good at DevOps, the agile work will naturally be good.

The workshop is about collaborating on concepts such as architecture, development, testing and operations as examples. Hope to be able to bring with me a lot of solid tips from this day.

May 9th
This day SAFe Summit starts for "real" and there is a lot of shorter sessions.

Of course, it will be interesting to hear SAFe founder Dean Leffingwell talk. His topic is "Accelerate! The Road to True Business Agility". It is, of course, about how an entire organization becomes agile. In addition to this, I look forward to "Coaching at Scale: The RTE and Scrum Master as ART Coaches". Since I previously had both of these roles and now coach these, this topic becomes interesting for sharpening the toolbox around coaching.

Another given session is "Organizing Around Value with SAFe Development Value Streams" presented by Ian Spence. I had the privilege of taking my SPC course for Ian. Let me say he's in control. After all, organizing value flows is always important. In my work to transform into an agile way of working, this is crucial.

May 10th
Here we have a session called "Probabilistic forecasting, how to use CFDs and Monte Carlo simulations to manage feature flow and forecast delivery". Just the name makes me want to go! Let me come back if it was as exciting in reality. Furthermore, the session "Aligning ARTs within a Solution Train: Practical Tips from the Field" will be very interesting as this is something we are trying to do in my current assignment.

These were just a few of the many different sessions that I am looking forward to.