Webinar - Business Analysts role in the future?

Change transformations in large organizations today involve almost exclusively investments or changes in information technology. The business analysts of the future must adapt to the business more automated working methods and business models, be able to understand and make requirements on the possibilities with new technology and how the organization's different departments are connected to different system solutions. A business analyst must also be able to handle the role of change leader.

In this webinar, you will hear Lars Lundgren, CEO and founder of Biner Consulting talk about how tomorrow's Business Analyst should work and the skills you need to develop to deliver better solutions and drive change in your organization.

Lars has extensive experience in business analysis and runs the consulting and training company Biner which operates in the area between business and IT.

In the webinar, Lars talks about:

- What does a Business Analyst really do?

- How do You become a sharp Business Analyst?

- The international standards and certifications that are most attractive