Our own Biner Beer

Biner Beer i Hemsedal

When the proposal to make our own beer came up, we immediately felt that it was a fun project where we could also engage our employees and also get a branded product that we can proudly stand behind, says Henrik Attefors at Biner.

Having our own beer is something that is trending and beer is an interest that many share. In Gothenburg, there is the advantage of having many microbreweries that produce beer on a small scale. The choice of producer fell on Vega Brewery located at Ringön. At Vega, beer is brewed according to old traditions in combination with curiosity and innovative ideas.

One evening in March, most of Biner's employees visited Vega Brewery. We got a tour of the brewery, a review of both Lageröl, IPA and APA and Magnus at Vega taught us about taste and aroma and the history of the different beers. After a wonderful dinner with fantastic Mexican-inspired food, we landed in an important decision - namely which beer would be Biner's own.

Biner Agile APA is a beer with a hop aromatic taste with clear bitterness, hints of passion fruit, grapefruit, apricot, honey, lime and light bread.

A few weeks of brewing the beer awaited at Vega and in the meantime we concentrated on writing an ingenious text with the theme Agile.

Biner Agile APA was launched just in time for our Hemsedal trip and made it possible for us to enjoy a cold Biner beer on our After Ski.

The beer is only available in a limited edition and maybe you will get the opportunity to taste it at one of our events?

Three amigos met in a heartbeat retrospective. “The brew should be innovative” said the first amigo. “Developed with neither code smell nor antipatterns” the second amigo added. “We’ll test it well and thoroughly” the third amigo concluded. Through rapid iterations and exploratory testing, the amigos scrumbled together this agile ale. With an epic burndown of aromatic hops and continuous integration of fragrant fruit this beer is bound to disrupt.
Texten på Biner Agile APA-etiketten

Facts from Systembolaget:

American pale ale (abbreviated APA) is an over fermented beer that is more aromatic and softer than those in the English pale ale style. Mainly due to the fact that the American hops used are more aromatic and more floral than English. American pale ale often has distinct aromas of tropical fruit, citrus and conifers. The beer style originated on the American west coast in the early 1980s in connection with the craft breweries becoming increasingly popular. Today, this is one of the most common beer styles at startup breweries.

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