"It's fun for me as a coach to see how everyone develops"

Ulrika Lindberg Lindgren is Team Biner's coach, with her fantastic entusiasm and her wonderful energy helps us to get ready for the Vasalopsstafetten 2020. Ulrika did Tjejvasan already as a 16-year-old and since then she is a committed cross-country skier. With Ulrika's pep and knowledge, there is nothing that can stop us! Here she answers 3 quick questions about what it has been like to train Team Biner.

What is it like to train Team Biner?

It's great fun to train Team Biner! They are an incredibly good group and it's so much fun with companies that invest in wellness and doing things together! Everyone in the group is positive, responsive and fights incredibly well based on their prior knowledge and conditions.

How does the form look like for the team?

The shape is upward. For each technical session, the starting distance becomes shorter and shorter and everyone finds it easier to get into it.
It's so much fun for me as a coach to see how everyone develops, how they think and reason about technology and what works for them and what is challenging.

What is your best tip for them before the race?

My tip for the skiiers in the team is not to stress at the beginning of the race, but to open relatively calmly, to find your way in the technology and the feeling. Let the skis be involved and do the job. From there, they can increase the speed gradually and then add a sprint. But the most important thing is that they remember to have fun!

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