”It is exciting to try new challenges”

- I enjoy working with people and I am driven to see businesses and individuals grow and develop. That's what Karina Åberg at Biner says.

Karina came to us from Ericsson a couple of years ago. At Ericsson, she had roles as a tester, test leader, test coordinator, project manager, line manager and most recently as a change leader and agile coach.

In recent years, she has worked extensively with the transformation of a traditionally project driven product development into a more lean and agile product development.

When she saw an ad on LinkedIn that Biner was looking for project managers, agile coaches and business analysts, she opened her eyes to Biner.

-I did not know Biner before, but I felt that Biner's sporty pictures and active profile suited me well.

What were your expectations of Biner as an employer?

-I wanted to work at a company with a "we-feeling", which Biner has. Working with interesting assignments which Biner has also attracted. I had not worked as a consultant before, but if you want to work with the things you are interested in, it is a consultant you should be. It is exciting and fun to try new challenges.

Karina also likes the security that it means to have a consulting company behind her.

-Get help with finding interesting assignments feels very good.

What is your role at Biner today?

- I have an assignment for Volvo Cars where I work with an identity and authorization product that is used to provide access to connections to cars and services. Volvo Cars is in the middle of a transformation process and goes from a traditional waterfall project thinking to a more product-oriented approach and way of thinking where we work and use the SAFe® framework.

When I started my assignment, my role was project manager, but I have now changed to a role as product owner (PO) for the product I work with. As a PO, I am responsible for prioritizing and defining our backlog. At the same time, I have an active role in the team to drive the transformation and find efficient and productive working methods.

What qualities do you benefit from in your assignment?

- I am a good listener, easy to catch people, positive and goal-oriented.

What is your passion?

- To constantly evolve and find new things, not stand still. I like to see change and set goals and reach those goals.

Karina compares on setting goals in sports which is another thing she is passionate about, namely training. She participates in swimming and has been active herself, educated children and young people and is today a board member of a swimming association. She lives in Sisjön in Gothenburg with her husband and two children and likes to travel to both snow and sun.