From a physical membership card to a digital experience

At Biner, we have many exciting assignments. We work product and solution independently to maximize business benefits and provide the best results. When we have completed an assignment, you have better processes, increased competence, new structures, new business opportunities and a more efficient way of working.

Here you can read about one of our exciting assignments.

A manufacturing company operating in an international environment wanted to digitalize it's way of contacting it's customers. The company used traditional channels and to improve the customer experience and strengthen it's market position, a change was required.

The company's goal was to create a future-proof and stable platform in order to take the step into the digital world. Biner was hired in several key roles in the project to implement the change work.

The mission

A digital presence and an extraordinary customer experience require that relevant information is available in the right place at the right time. The challenge was to create the digital interface and obtain relevant information from various databases and support systems. The new platform would also be adaptable to the company's various markets.


To decide which features that would be included so that as many markets as possible can use the product and at the same time secure so that it didn't lead to a diversified product with increased costs as a result

Develop a structured approach to the roll-out of the platform internationally.

Internally manage and onboard system owners to access relevant Customer information.

Control and synchronization of IT and business resources in different time zones.


Using proven methods within EA, Biner's consultants carried out an analysis of the current situation, which was then compared with the objective for the new platform. Based on this analysis, the changes that needed to be addressed were identified. The platform that was developed handled information from various databases and support systems, which was presented to the customer in a digital format. A concept for the roll-out of the platform, which involved IT and operations simultaneously in several markets was developed using documented methods from different project management techniques. The use of a common rollout concept made it possible to increase scalability compared to rolling out one market at a time.

The result

- A platform that can be used for further development

- Digital presence internationally

- Increased customer experience containing relevant content and the right customer information

- A rollout methodology to use for future projects