Can the pandemic contribute to more innovative business ideas?

Gothenburg has been, and still is, strongly affected by the Corona pandemic, and the crisis is not over yet. But maybe the pandemic has also had something good with it. This means that people have had time to reflect on the problems they face on a daily basis and also have had time to think about the solution to these problems.

This is at least believed in the consulting company Biner in Gothenburg, which in the midst of the current crisis wants to take advantage of people's ideas - and above all - the solutions to these. The opportunity for business development, consulting, and entrepreneurial colleagues already exists within the company in the form of consultants and employees. They now want to use this expertise to support the Gothenburg Startup scene. Maybe in a situation when it is needed most.

- The startup market in Gothenburg has been on the rise for a long time. We do not want it to be dampened due to Covid-19, we want to by using the resources and expertise we have instead help to keep startup's going and develop the market, says Henrik Attefors, founder of Biner.

- We are looking for innovators to work with, and the best innovators are those who experience a problem and who face the problem daily; those who are users of their own solution, states Lars Lundgren, also the founder of Biner.

A unique experience

Biner currently has two exciting Startups that they work with. Both are software solutions, one is a teacher platform and the other is a restaurant app.

Biner sees great potential in these two Startups and the journey has a high recognition factor from Lars and Henrik's own entrepreneurial journey and Biner's many assignments over the years.

- Our experience and industry expertise give us a unique position to support these innovators in testing their ideas on the market and potential users, says Henrik. We have a passion for digitalisation and to support individuals who are facing a problem, those who see a need and have an idea how to solve it. This is exactly the kind of digital change we want to support.

Not everyone survives

There are many good ideas that unfortunately stay at the idea stage and never become a reality. Many of these because the knowledge of how to start a company does not exist, but also due to that the foundation has not been sufficiently stable, proper research on whether the product is in demand on the market has not been done, or that resources are not distributed properly.

- It is usually you who comes up with the idea who has the knowledge and understanding of your industry, says Lars. What we do is we use our strength to identify opportunities to develop innovative and market adapt business models and products.

In addition, there is an investor network where there are opportunities for financing. With seed financing, a strong foundation to stand on and a clear direction forward, Biner gives its Startups a strong edge and creates opportunities for the ideas to become a reality.

- In short, if you have a good solution to your problem, we are happy to listen and see how we through digitalisation, business and IT can start the journey together, says Henrik. From there, we take it from business plan to, perhaps most important of all, to actually maximize the business value of your idea to ensure survival and becoming a prosperous company.