Webinar - Business Analyst in an agile world

Business Analysts play an important role in organisations and traditionally act as the link between business and IT, as well as helping to discover users needs and specifying the requirements to solve them.

In today's situation, when most companys already work agile, there is no longer a dedicated role for a BA in the largest agile working methods such as SAFe® or Scrum. So what happens to the role? How is it mapped into the agile world? Is the BA role still relevant?

These and other questions in this subject will be discussed in this free webinar.

Kristina Scheutz and Karin Moberg both have extensive experience in various roles such as Business Analyst, Scrum Master and Product Owner. In this webinar, they discuss the most common issues in the subject based on their own experiences. You also have the opportunity to submit questions before and during the webinar.

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Date: November 27th

Time: 08.30

Price: Free

Language: Swedish

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