Webinar - Visualize the way forward using TOGAF

With architecture, you can describe and make visible an organization and its various systems, process and information flows. Both from a current situation perspective and how it should work in the future.

By defining goals, strategies and structures from an overall perspective, you can ensure that all parts of the organization strive in the same direction. At the same time, you create a powerful tool to increase your capacity for change.

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a framework and method for creating, maintaining and applying Enterprise Architecture (EA). TOGAF® is an industry standard that is available free of charge to all organizations that wish to develop and work with EA. It has been built up over a number of years through open participation and collaboration between prominent enterprise architects.

Biner has held TOGAF trainings since 2009 and is very experienced in the field. In this webinar, we talk about why architecture is relevant even in today's agile world, about our experiences of the TOGAF framework and the courses we provide. We talk about:

• What is architecture?

• Why is architecture relevant even in today's agile world?

• Architecture's views, stakeholders and building blocks

• Phases in ADM

• What certifications and levels are offered?

• TOGAF 9.2 - now available online