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Future-proof your career in business analysis with artificial intelligence!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming how organizations operate and make decisions. As a Business Analyst (BA) and Project Manager, it is no longer optional to simply be aware of or understand AI; it is a necessity to stay ahead and drive innovation in your organization. In our course, AI for Business Analysts & Project Managers, you will learn how to use generative AI and language models (LLM – Large Language Model) through prompting in your work to improve and streamline business processes.

AI has quickly created incredible opportunities for new businesses and the streamlining of existing ones. Those who do not keep up with the development risk being left behind as progress continues.

Biner has developed this foundational one-day course for business analysts and project managers who want to learn more about AI, its applications, AI tools, and prompting. You will learn about:

Basics of AI:

  • Different types of generative AI and language models (LLM) and their applications
  • How AI can be used to solve business problems
  • Limitations of AI models
  • Ethical and legal challenges
  • How to get good responses from generative AI

Applications of AI:

  • How AI can help you understand what your stakeholders want and need
  • Using AI to identify and gather insights about stakeholder needs
  • Using AI to create and refine Use Cases, User Stories, and compile requirement lists
  • Identifying dependencies and suggesting initial priorities
  • Creating diagrams and graphical elements using AI
  • Developing realistic and actionable requirements that meet your stakeholders' needs
  • Creating a project charter
  • Creating a project plan
  • Performing resource and cost estimations
  • Conducting risk analyses

Future insights and trends

About the course

The course, which runs for a full day, is designed to introduce AI as a concept and showcase some of the AI-based tools that you can start using in your work today. The course is aimed at Business Analysts and Project Managers, but the knowledge can be applied to a variety of business roles.

During the course, theory is interspersed with demonstrations, exercises, and discussions. You will also have the opportunity to try using AI tools to solve problems taken from the daily life of a business analyst.

About Artificial Intelligence

AI is an umbrella term for a range of advanced mathematical models that use large amounts of data to solve complex problems. Language models (LLM – Large Language Model), computer vision, and expert systems are just a few types of these models, enabling everything from autonomous vehicles to voice recognition. The development of AI continues to accelerate, impacting us as business analysts in our daily work by providing new tools that enable more efficient ways of working. Chatbots and language models (LLM) that help find the right information within internal systems create new opportunities for efficiency and simplification.

AI for Business Analysts & Project Managers

If you aim to become an outstanding business analyst or project manager with the ability to create value by leveraging AI, our course could be the perfect starting point for you. Enroll today to begin your journey toward harnessing the power of AI and setting your sights higher!

What Will I Learn?

Topics Covered in the Course:

  • Introduction to AI and Language Models (LLM)
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Applications of AI in Business Analysis & Project Management
  • Needs Analysis using AI
  • Requirements Management using AI
  • Project Planning

After the Course, You Will Be Able To:

  • Describe various AI models and their applications
  • Effectively prompt a generative AI
  • Identify applications for AI in your daily work
  • Perform needs analysis using AI
  • Manage requirements using AI
  • Conduct project planning

Meet the teachers

Hampus Dahlin

Course leader/Consultant

Hampus brings proven experience in education, gained through his years as a private tutor, consultant, agile coach, and engineer. In recent years, he has worked both in the public sector and for small and large private entities. With a background and expertise ranging from business development and agility to software development and AI, Hampus is accustomed to teaching across a spectrum of subjects. As an instructor, he places significant value on participant discussions and strongly believes in well-facilitated collaborative learning.


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