Webinar - Introducing LPM, Connecting strategy to Execution​​​​​​​

Are you ready to scale?

With agile development processes and DevOps practises in place, the next step is to extend to portfolio level. Business agility will emerge when the whole value stream operates based on the same principles.

Lean Portfolio Management is all about how to align on shared goals and commitments - and getting things done!

In this webinar Rune Kølle Christensen, SPCT & Strategic Advisor at Scaled Agile, Inc. and Daniel Bjarsch, SPC & Agile Coach at Biner gives you an introduction to Lean Portfolio Management alongside these topics:​​​​​​​

🔸 Align on the why - shared goals and commitments

🔸 Organize and Strategize - how to organize for flow

🔸 Operate the SAFe portfolio - maximize value outcomes

​ 🔸 Measure and grow - operational excellence with continous improvements