Webinar - The insights of a Product Manager at Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars is going through a major Agile Transformation with SAFe. In this webinar you will hear Philip King, Product Manager for the Vehicle Data and Diagnostics Platform at Volvo Cars and Jesper Gunnarson, consultant at Biner discuss their experiences of such a challenging change.

You will get an insight of how a Product Manager works both on a day to day basis as well as long term basis, and how the agile way of working has transformed Volvo Cars.

Philip King is an Englishman living in Sweden with a strong background in business analysis. Working at Volvo Cars as a consultant and employee for over ten years. He was actually involved as the grading of the initial IIBA Certified Business Analysis Professional CBAP certification.

Jesper Gunnarson is an appreciated course leader and consultant at Biner with a solid background in IT and business development and a great interest in modern agile working methods. In recent years, Jesper has in his consulting role worked with Volvo Cars to introduce SAFe in one of their organizations. Today he has his assignment as Agile Coach at H&M.

Topics that will be covered

  • The big Agile Transformation with SAFe at Volvo Cars
  • What does a Product Manager do?
  • Collaboration with the teams Product Owners and teams
  • DevOps - how does the PM role works in context of Operations
  • How the agile way of working has transformed Volvo Cars
  • Major challenges and learnings
  • Q&A’s